Testimonials and FAQs


We couldn't be more satisfied with Leash-in-Hand! To be honest, we were kind of skeptical with Rudy's program at first, being advertised for 3 days. We didn't think it could be done! We were considering the PetSmart training program, because we are college students on a tight budget. However, we were so happy to make the right choice by going with Leash-in-Hand. Rudy's professional training method, personal service, and lasting results made us completely satisfied and have been recommending him to all of our friends. Rudy not only dealt with Riley's stubborn behavioral issues, he also taught us (most importantly) how to continue working with him wherever we are. We noticed a difference after the first day. And to Sarah's comfort, each morning she noticed that Riley was eager to get up and go to training! It is incredible how much more we enjoy being with Riley, because he respects and listens to us. He is now the perfect dog, thanks to Rudy. So give Leash-in-Hand a shot! The personal attention you and your dog get is unmatched! Coming from a frugal student, this program is worth the little extra money, because it saves you time compared to a weekly, hour-long session for 2 months (not to mention with 15 other people at Petsmart), with 10 times the results!
– Brandon '08 and Sarah '07, of Bryan Fightin' Texas Aggies

First, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Stoney, my Sheltie, wouldn't walk on the leash before I brought him to Rudy. He had to be dragged or carried wherever we went. I still remember the first day I took him to the training studio and I kept asking Rudy, "Are you SURE you can fix this?!" Sure enough, I got Stoney back in a few days and he was like a new dog. He did everything I asked of him, even going up and down stairs which was another big fear of his. If you and your dog are having problems, this is the solution! Thanks Rudy!!
– Andrea and Stoney

Dear Leash In Hand,
We were really amazed with all the work you did with our little Fran in just three days! Rudy really has a gift with dogs and we were so impressed with his patience, positive motivation, knowledge and how much Fran enjoyed working with him. We are convinced this training method is the way to go. It is so great to see the changes in Fran at home - from the behaviors we wanted to stop to the commands she learned while at "school." We are also really grateful for the follow-up lessons where WE got trained. Rudy is so knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to passing off training tools to us and teaching us what we need to know. There was not a question we had that Rudy or Larah could not answer. Thanks so much for everything, you guys!
– Aaron, Kylin (& Fran) Lee, College Station, TX

Paul & I (& Brown) want to thank you so much for "fixing" Clem. We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate what you have done with him. You truly have a gift & we will be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs an excellent dog trainer.
– Paul & Keri Bedard


Why do I need to have an evaluation?
An evaluation is needed so the trainer can meet and greet with you and your best friend to discuss and construct a training program that will help you the owner accomplish goals you are wanting. This will also give you an opportunity to get a better understanding of what we do.

What is National K-9, is it really a recognized school?
Yes, National K-9 is approved by The Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (reg. # 82-02-0753T) and as such, must comply with all the rules and regulations established by The State of Ohio.
The State of Ohio recognizes both The Professional/Obedience and The Master Trainer Courses, thereby granting National K-9 the authority to issue certificates to graduates to use the title of Certified Professional Trainer. These certificates are accepted throughout the United States and around the world.

What is a Certified Professional Trainer?
A professional dog trainer is an individual who:
Understands the major personalities of the dog Knows how to evaluate, read, and understand dog behavior.
Applies appropriate humane techniques to reliably train a dog.
Educates dog owners in proper dog handling skills.
Assists dog owners with behavior modification and the solving of a dogs bad habits.

Why should I have my dog trained by a certified professional?
So that You the owner will have professional instruction in proper handling skills and behavior modification, therefore making your training program a success. When you the owner do not understand all techniques instructed by the trainer you the owner will create confusion for your best friend. That's why at LEASH IN HAND we offer a thorough private go home lesson upon completion of training.

What training method does Leash In Hand use?
LEASH IN HAND uses a humane and effective training method based on a scale of PRAISE, MOTIVATION AND CORRECTION! Since no two dogs are alike this scale is adjusted to fit your dogs personality to relieve stress and to create a positive and exciting learning environment! At LEASH IN HAND all training programs are designed with your best friends personality in mind so that he/she can learn at his/her own pace.

How old does my dog have to be to begin training?
We recommend you start training as early as 7-14 weeks in a puppy pre-k class that is offered every Saturday (call for more details) and 14 weeks and beyond for our other three unique obedience programs designed with your best friends personality in mind.

What if my dog has already been trained?
If your dog has had prior training outside of our studio and you just aren't satisfied with the results. We at LEASH IN HAND will be happy to consult with you and your best friend and get you back on the right paw again! However we will need to know what type of methods were used so that we can redirect any negativity, if any, to accomplish the goals you are seeking!

What is behavior modification?
Behavioral modification in other words means the solving of bad habits that your best friend possess and the answers to why your best friend possess them. A large majority of bad habits are addressed through obedience training, and the ones that aren't will be addressed through further study by the trainer.

Why does my dog need training?
Training in total honesty helps you and your best friend develop a strong bonding relationship and helps your best friend respect you so that there will always be a solid healthy relationship between the two of you for the life of your best friend! Training also creates boundaries that you enforce so that your best friend will never be tempted to stray away from you to its natural instinctive "CALL OF THE WILD"!

I want my dog to keep their personality, will this change after training?
No; In fact with the LEASH IN HAND training method your best friend will be pushed to their highest limits so that the personalities he/she already possess will shine even more! By this we mean your best friend will have even more confidence and be bold in all aspects of his/her world, so that he/she can live their life to the fullest!

I have more than one dog, can they all be trained at the same time?
Yes; if you have more than one dog we will offer you a group discount to accomplish whatever goals you have in mind for your best friends!

Can you help my family decide on a new dog for us?
Absolutely, LEASH IN HAND will be happy to assist you in finding the right best friend for you and your family! First we will need to meet and discuss what type of breed will fit into your lifestyle. So often people choose a breed based on looks but never consider the traits and characteristics each breed is naturally born with. There is a perfect match for everyone.

What does positive praise mean?
Positive praise is what your best friend strives on, it lets him/her know when they are doing good and they actually love this more coming from you rather than a treat. It shows your true love and affection. At LEASH IN HAND we love your best friend and we will treat him/her as we would our very own guaranteed!

My dog is not so smart how do you know he/she can be trained?
All dogs are smart and can be trained. However there are a few good actors out there that would want you to believe they are not smart and very hard of hearing!

Is my dog too old to be trained?
No! Your dog is never too old to be trained, unless they have certain health issues that would interfere with training. We will assess your dog during your evaluation to determine which program would be most effective for you and your Best Friend!